Friday, October 9, 2009

0 Free Microsoft Office 2010 Starter

Microsoft plans to release Microsoft Office 2010 Starter freely without pay nothing to call. However, when accessing these applications, users will be presented with ads.

The presence of these Office 2010 Starter replaces Microsoft Works, economical version of Office application series which has been impressed with Microsoft covered up. Free applications that will be available in new computers that use Windows operating system in the near future.

Only two applications will be available from the Office family of Word and Excel Starter Starter course with basic functions only. Starter Office 2010 does not include Outlook application, OneNote, or PowerPoint as in Microsoft Works.

In the new computers there will be no trial version of Office as included in Windows Vista. However, users who want a full version of Office 2010 can perform the actual activation programs already installed product key purchase card.

While still using the starter version, users will be presented with ads in the Task Pane on the bottom right. However, until now not yet clear what form of advertising that will labored bagiamana Microsoft and its distribution.

These measures may form a middle way Microsoft Office in the growing business administration with the presence of cloud services like Google Docs. Microsoft will provide a free service, but still can make money from it.

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